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The Rev.James Beer Glass
Ref number:- 002503-B146
Brand NameThe Rev.James
BreweryS.A.Brains Brewery
Country of OriginWales (Cardiff)
InscriptionFront-Fine Ale Revelation The Rev James Quality cask ales brewwd in honour of the reverend James Buckley and inspired by an original recipe from 1885. Both Methodist minister and brewer of fine beers, the respected reverend could see no contradiction between saving souls and satisfying thirst.
Rear-The Rev James
Glass StyleConical
Rim of GlassPlain glass with beaded lip
Body of GlassPlain
Base of GlassPlain
Volume1 Pint (20oz / 568ml)
StampedOne Pint rastal CE M15 0846
Glass Manufacturerrastal
An exchange with Stephen Southwood.