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Duplicates in my collection for Trade or Sale

The below glasses are duplicates in my collection and are available for exchanges. All glasses are used and in good general condition, unless stated otherwise. Click on a beer glass for more information and quote the reference number shown when contacting me.

If you wish to purchase glasses, individual prices are shown in the glass notes section.UK P&P is set at:
£3.50 for 1 glass.
£4.75 for 2 to 3 glasses.
£7.50 for 4 to 6 glasses.
If you require more than 6 glasses or are ordering from outside of the UK please contact me first on the email address below.

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Courage Pint Glass 000007B049 Bass Pint Glass Youngs Pint Glass Bass Pint Glass Coors Half Pint Glass Worthington Creamflow Pint Glass Murphys Pint Glass 1744 Beer Glass Murphy's Pint Glass Spitfire Pint Glass Kilkenny Irish Beer 000147B033 Carling Glass 000159B046 Carling Extra Glass 000160B046 Fosters Pint Glass 000161B046 Carlsberg Extra Cold Glass 000165B046 Carling Half Pint Glass 000171B046 Carling Glass 000178B027 Magners Golden Glass 000185B027 Holsten Glass 000190B027 Worthingtons Glass 000228B025 Tavern Keg Half Glass 000248B038 Kaltenberg beer glass Glass 000262B028 Becks beer glass Glass 000263B028 Carling Half Glass 000272B028 000275B002 Heineken Half Glass 000280B002 Palm Half Glass 000287B002 Hoegaarden Half Glass 000291B002 Master Brew Glass 000350B048 Stella 4% Glass Carling Pint Glass 000361B044 000365B044 Carling Extra Glass 000366B044 Carling Extra Half Glass 000367B044 Carling Glass 000368B044 Carling Half Glass Stella Half Glass 000388B023 000404B040 Tsingtao Glass 000411B013 Staropramen Glass 000416B013 Cobra Glass 000423B019 Staropramen Glass Cobra Pint Glass 000424B019 000434B019 Grolsch Glass 000442B034 Grolsch Glass 000448B034 Lowenbrau Glass 000462B041 Dry Blackthorn Cider Glass 000493B041 Magners Glass 000495B013 Magners Glass 000497B037 Coor Light Glass 000501B037 Carlsberg Glass Kronenbourg 1664 000509B010 000512B010 Fosters Glass 000517B010 Carlsberg Pint Tank Glass 000523B015 Carlsberg Half Tank Glass 000561B047 Heineken Glass 000589B021 Strongbow Glass 000618B051 Merry Down Glass 000635B052 Caffrey's Glass 000658B053 Fruh Glass Fosters Glass 000786B062 Strongbow Glass 000787B062 Caledonian Glass 000797B063 Thatchers Cider Glass 000838B065 Birra Moretti Pint Glass Spitfire Pint Glass John Smiths Pint Glass Newcastle Brown Ale Glass 33 Export Glass 000971B073 Stella Half Pint Glass Grolsch Glass 001018B076 Guinness Half Pint Glass Murphys Glass Budweiser Pint Glass Otter Pint Glass Wadworth 6X Pint Glass Becks Glass Becks Vier Pint Glass Bombardier Pint Glass XXXX Lager Pint Glass London Pride Pint Glass Tuborg Glass Worthingtons Pint Glass Cobra Pint Glass Hobgoblin Pint Glass Courage Pint Glass Carlsberg Half Pint Glass Hobgoblin Pint Glass Wadworth Henry's IPA Pint Glass Curious Brewery Pint Glass Open Gate Brewery Pint Glass Open Gate Brewery Half Pint Glass Salcombe Pint Glass Offshore Pint Glass