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The East African Breweries Limited was founded in 1922, as Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL), by two white settlers, George and Charles Hurst. KBL acquired the Tanganyika based Tanganyika Breweries in 1935 and in 1936 these two companies merged to form the East African Breweries Limited (EABL).
The name Tusker came about as a memoriam following the death of George Hurst a co-founder of Kenya Breweries Ltd who was killed by an elephant during a hunting expedition in 1922. The brand has since grown to be EABL's flagship brand.
Some of the Brewery's Range
Tusker - The Flagship brand
Tusker Malt -
Tusker Lite -

Over the years the brand identity is updated and re-launched with subtle changes, a change of Logo or a new font.
Sometimes this brand update is done by the new owners after a brewery has been sold, other times just to give the brand a fresh new look on the ever growing market.

Below are some notes to help identify some of these changes and an aid to reference the year of the glass.

Old Brewery Logo

pre 2002