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Additional Information

Founded in 1851 by Cornishman Walter Hicks, St Austell Brewery remains 100% independent and family owned.
Some of the Brewery's Range
Tribute - Originally created to commemorate the 1999 solar eclipse
Proper Job - First brewed in 2006
Trelawny -
Korev - (cor-eff) is a traditional Cornish word meaning beer that was launched in the summer of 2010.
Mena Dhu Stout - Meaning "black hill" in Cornish, it is named after the farm that was owned by the founder of the St Austell brewery, Walter Hicks.
Cornish Best -
Hicks Special Draught -

Over the years the brand identity is updated and re-launched with subtle changes, a change of Logo or a new font.
Sometimes this brand update is done by the new owners after a brewery has been sold, other times just to give the brand a fresh new look on the ever growing market.

Below are some notes to help identify some of these changes and an aid to reference the year of the glass.

Old St Austell Logo

St Austell Logo

St Austell Beer Mat 1 Front St Austell Beer Mat 1 Back

A Hicks Special Draught beer mat, number 2 in a set of ??
Part of a collection given to me in September 2020
(Original date unknown)