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Duplicates in my collection

Please quote this reference number when contacting me:- TR002314
Brand NameCarlsberg Expørt
BreweryCarlsberg Brewery
Country of OriginDemark (Copenhagen)
InscriptionFront-By appointment to the Royal Danish court Carlsberg Danish Pilsner 1847 onwards
Rear-J.C.Jacobsen (signature)
Glass StyleExclusive
Rim of GlassPlain, beaded rim
Body of GlassPlain
Base of GlassPlain, embossed stylised hop leaf on stem, embossed "Probably the best beer in the world" around base twice. Nucleated grid pattern
Volume0.5 Pint (10oz / 284ml)
StampedHalf Pint CE M18 0126 Arc
Glass ManufacturerArc International
NEW unused glass.
Available for Exchange (Please contact me) or for sale at £2.50 + P&P cost
If you require more than 6 glasses or are ordering from outside of the UK please contact me first.